A Petit Sampling Etui
(suggested retail price:  $ 28)
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A Petit Sampling Etui is a limited-edition collaboration project (limited to 2000 charts) from Cherished Stitches, Praiseworthy Stitches, The Stitching Parlor, and With My Needle. 

Each outer panel of the etui is a small sampler. These samplers can be assembled into an etui following the detailed assembly instructions in the package. The samplers can also be stitched  and framed individually or together on a single piece of linen.

The top and bottom panels of the etui feature motifs from the side panels.  Inside the etui , the heart theme from the outer panels, is carried through with heart-shaped wool needlepages, pockets,  scissors, and threads rings.  When opened up, silk gussets keep the panels from falling flat.  Silk ribbons keep the sides together, and a stitched button closes the top. The etui measures approximately 6 inches square--a generous size for holding your needlework tools.

The etui is stitched with Crescent Colours cotton overdyed thread on 36-count Pearled Barley linen from Lakeside Linens.  Mother of pearl heart shaped threadrings, a mother of pearl ruler, and heart scissors from Kelmscott Designs are shown on the final product.

A limited number of finishing kits are available from Louise at Cherished Stitches.

We hope that you will enjoy our etui as much as we did designing it for you!

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2009 Ellen Chester